Dubai Visitors Get Free Sim on Arrival

Dubai Dunes

Visitors to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which includes Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be receiving a free SIM card on arrival.

This SIM card will be loaded with 3 internal minutes of airtime and 20GB of data. This data is really useful for messaging and Uber.

Even though there are numerous free WiFi hotspots this SIM is useful for areas where the WiFi signal drops.

I personally found this an issue when trying to call an Uber from the mall and as I waited outside the signal was too weak.

The SIM can be recharged with a credit card or at any point of sale, just like all other sims bought across the UAE.

The card will be given to the visitor at immigration and will automatically be activated and registered in the name of the traveller. No documentation is required to obtain the sim.

The sim cards will be valid for a month and will automatically be renewed if the tourist extends their visa.

Visitors can expect to receive these SIM cards as of 16 June 2019

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