FlySafair Introduces Check-in Rangers

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In an attempt to improve the way we check-in on FlySafair flights, FlySafair has introduced Check-In Rangers. These members of the FlySafair crew will assist you with check-in, print your boarding pass and tag your bags.

Check-In Rangers can be identified with a bright pink hat and “cowboy or cowgirl” style clothing. After the 14th June, this will be swapped to pink sashes.

FlySafair’s Head of Sales and Distribution; Kirby Gordon said, “Our innovative IT team has been working tirelessly to get this process off the ground, and we’re proud that we’re finally able to implement it at our airports, to the benefit of our customers. We needed a way for passengers to find the rangers as quickly and as easily as possible at the airport, hence the sashes and the holsters”.

Let us see how this goes, should you have any feedback regarding your experience with these rangers please feel free to share your experiences below.

2 Comments to “ FlySafair Introduces Check-in Rangers”

  1. Michael Koen says :Reply

    I have yet to see a ranger. Fly every second week. Typing this in the checkin que In which I have been standing for the last 25 minutes and looks like another 15 minutes to go.

    1. says :Reply

      At which airport were you Michael? Let’s hear from FlySafair what they have to say.

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