Bon Hotels Opens Halaal-Certified Hotel in Kruger

Bon Hotels is set to open the Leopard Sands River Lodge this year that will be fully Halaal certified. The property will consist of 18 luxury units and private plunge pools.

The lodge is minutes away from the Kruger gate.

“We chose this particular region because of our love of nature, hospitality and sustainable tourism, and cannot wait to welcome guests to experience the breath-taking scenes offered by the incredible Leopard Sands River Lodge by BON Hotels,” says co-owner, Safraaz Suliman.

The property was acquired by BON Hotels, a South-African based hotel company that manages and owns hotels, lodges and resorts throughout Southern Africa, as well as West and East Africa. The group’s CEO, Guy Stehlik, is excited that this latest development, one of three lodges in the Kruger Park area acquired by BON Hotels, represents a significant expansion for the hospitality group. Together with the owners, the hotel group believes that this will have a sustainable and positive effect on the region’s growth and tourism offerings.

His enthusiasm is also reflective of the opening of this Lodge as an opportunity to bring a greater variety of accommodation options to the area. “We are delighted to announce the opening of this new lodge. What makes it even more special is that it will be Halaal-certified and able to cater to Muslim travellers from around the globe.”

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