Kulula Emergency Seating Rows

Flight seats can be selected at the time of booking. When you check in online, check in on-the-go by mobile check-in or at airport check-in counter at no charge. All the check-in opens 24 hours prior to flight departure. You can pre-pay and secure your favourite seats by sitting together on the plane by selecting a pre-paid seat. Pre-paid seats vary according to different types and are priced differently starting from R60 including VAT. This option is available at the time of booking or can be added as an extra 24 hours before your flight.

An emergency exit row seat is great and can be purchased when making your booking or you can add later from “manage my booking” and the seat will be provided once you meet the safety requirements. There are a few conditions that must be met in order to secure an emergency exit row seat. You must be 16 years or older and an able-bodied to assist in case of an emergency. You must know English so that you can understand instructions in English. You must be free from any condition both physical and mental so that nothing can prevent you from assisting in case of emergency. You must have strength, balance and mobility to open the exit door and you must not be pregnant, disabled, visually impaired or elderly or require an extension seat belt. There is no self-service check in with emergency exit row seats and you must proceed to the check-in counter 90 minutes prior to departure. Failure in meeting the requirements will let you being reassigning an alternative seat at the airport.

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