Kulula Helps Children in Need

kulula kids

kulula comes to the help of children in need. Kulula have teamed up with the Children’s Hospital Trust for a great cause. Kulula will start flying children who need medical attention and care in a critical situation from all corners of South Africa to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s. Kulula airline will be flying children as well as their parents to Cape Town hospital who cannot afford the flights for medical treatment for free of charge. This step will help a lot of families who cannot afford flight charges and are in critical need of medical attention and emergency to go for treatment of their children’s.

kulula is also going to fly specialist doctors to different locations across South Africa where there is a need for doctors to treat children who need medical treatment. Kulula have also pledged R1 million to the children’s trust through air tickets and money donation that will help in paying for the accommodation of parents who are travelling with their children. Kulula is making life easier for the parents who have sick Children’s and Children’s Trust has thanked Kulula for their effort and massive contribution for a great cause. Kulula makes us proud to be South African and their contribution is very appreciating.

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