Fly to Istanbul

Cheap Tickets to Istanbul

Fly to Istanbul, London and Paris from R7,439

Do you feel like exploring Istanbul? Visit the historical cities? The city that is both in Europe and Asia?

Dates I Can Fly

1 November 2019 to 31 January 2020 

Dates I Can Book?

Until 10 October 2019

Where Can I Fly To?

  • Cape Town to Paris (CDG) from  R7439 
  • Johannesburg to London from R8509
  • Cape Town – London from R8699
  • Johannesburg – Istanbul from R8819 (Direct)
  • Cape Town – Istanbul from R7899 (Direct)


Try alternate dates in your search to find the best price. Please note flights start from R6,499. The more expensive routes are a bit more.

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Get an estimate of how much your total trip would cost by finding out how much your accommodation would cost here.

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